about milana::

David Barrionuevo is a passionate cyclist from Spain who came from Madrid to Beijing by bike in 2008, cycling for almost 5 months and passing through 9 countries on the way. He came to see the Olympics but after that he decided to stay and currently lives and is currently based in Shanghai. His biking experience goes back from when he started shorter trips in Europe, but now he has done more journeys in Asia as well. He also worked for a pro-cycling team going with them to competitions in China. Apart from long-distance bike travels and road bike races, David enjoys a lot cycling in the city, and he newly created this urban cyclist brand: milana::, which is named after his own bike.




milana:: is made is Spain.
And in Spanish “madre” means mother.

milana:: is produced in Spain and so we also say ” madre in Spain” because the factory is in Madrid and David’s mother helps make milana:: in her clothing workshop . In the beginning, she made one or two t-shirts per year just for David to where on his bicycle trips. As you know when your mother prepares something for you, she makes it with love, which is the most important “secret ingredient” for milana::

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sizes & colors:

Keep it simple, keep it in style. Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL; Colors: Black/White/Green.
All with mix and match pockets and buttons. Customized sizes and colors available upon request for cyclists and non-cyclists of all kinds.

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pockets & buttons:

Back pockets are our sign of identity. Useful to carry home keys, books, mobiles and anything you need in your urban cycling transportation. Two reflective stripes ensure your safety. All our t-shirts are different. All pockets are made from leftover cloth and buttons , so your milana:: is different from any other.

milana_tshirts milana_tshirts IMG_1984


A book bag, a grocery bag or just somewhere to throw in all of those little everyday items.

100% design milana::

following our style, bags are make from milana:: pockets. As you know all our t-shirts are different. All pockets are made from leftover cloth and buttons, so your milana:: bag is different from any other.